Corporate Team Building

Rowing embodies all things team! Everyone in the boat is needed and relied upon for different things. You win together. Because of this, many businesses focused on team building and performance, recognize there is much to learn from rowing on the journey to build high-performance teams.  

Also, a shared experience in an outside activity away from work, can be fun! 

Below are four articles that share how the principles and techniques used in rowing can be unleashed in businesses to develop and sustain high-performance teams.  

  1. "Leaders All Row In The Same Boat", Wharton Magazine
  2. "What Rowing Taught Me About High Performance Teams"
  3. "Competitive Rowing Helped Me Become A CEO, Here's Why"
  4. "Why Your Business Is Like A Rowing Team"
  5. "What Rowing For The US National Team and Building a Start Up Have In Common"

Let's explore how we can get your team out on beautiful Lake McIntosh for a rowing team-building experience!  

No experience is required. Please email for additional details. 

Peachtree City Rowing is a not-for-profit, 501c3 organization established in August 2015 to encourage and further the instruction, improvement and competition in and the enjoyment of the art of rowing.  Fees raised through our programs are used to fund coach's salaries, equipment leases, insurance and other operational expenses. Donations are tax deductible.