Alumni and Visiting Rowers

ALUMNI - Summer is almost here! If you are a current college student who graduated from high school as a Row Georgia (formerly PTCR) athlete, this may be an option for you. It applies only to the summer months or during winter break while you are home from school. It is also on a case by case basis, considering current boats available, scheduling and overall resources, as determined by the Head Coach. If approved, the alumni rate is $50 per month during June and July and during Christmas break. WELCOME HOME!

Complete the following to apply for alumni/visiting rowing: 

  1. Email Head Coach and provide details of your alumni rowing request. Specify when you graduated as a Row Georgia athlete, college where you're currently enrolled, planned rowing, and anticipated time in town. A proficiency assessment by a Row Georgia Level 2 Coach is required, and may entail a flip test.
  2. If approved,

  • complete Registration form HERE
  • complete required Waiver (must update every year) 
  • complete payment transaction HERE

VISITOR - If you're a rower visiting the area and would like to row, email Head Coach Lambert with your details and to request an assessment. The rate is $25 per day, +5 County Impact Fee for Fayette residents / +20 Out of county residents. We have limited boats available and we may not be able to accommodate visiting rowers.  Each is a case by case basis pending Head Coach approval of resources at the time of the request.


Row Georgia is a not-for-profit, 501c3 organization established in August 2015 to encourage and further the instruction, improvement, and competition in and the enjoyment of the art of rowing.  Fees raised through our programs are used to fund coach's salaries, equipment leases, insurance, and other operational expenses. Donations are tax-deductible.