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2024 Donation - Immediate Equipment Need - C2 Erg

2024 Donation - Immediate Equipment Need - C2 Erg

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Concept 2 Erg This is the core of training for rowers. Concept 2 is the universally accepted rower in the sport. The RowErg is the same machine used by beginners, all the way to Olympic- and elite-level athletes to train for their sports. The powerful Performance Monitor connects to a wide range of apps, and comes with a device holder that fits most mobile devices and tablets.It is the basic model that we currently use and care for. Rowers experience consistent training utilizing the same model. 

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    Coach's preference - This is not only a equipment specific, but sport specific as well. There are no substitutes for the basic Concept 2 model. We need additional ergs to meet the demand so that we can continue to increase opportunities for enrollment. We've had to close registration due to not having enough resources. Adding ergs provides more training opportunties for participants. 

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